How Blue Apron May Inspire You to Lose Weight

Those ingredient and recipe meal kit services are all the rage right now, especially for those with demanding schedules that leave little time for grocery shopping and meal planning. While having your freshly prepped food delivered straight to your door with cooking instructions sounds like you will be able to let your brain go on vacation after work, these services have great effects on the rest of your body too. As you savor meals like seared chicken over pearl couscous or a quinoa and spring vegetable salad, you might even find yourself losing weight.

While a service like Blue Apron is not designed to be a mail order diet program, it can be a gateway for retraining the palette to enjoy healthy and nutritious foods. This is especially true for those who eat a great amount of take-out or processed foods. Often, many of these people wish to follow a better diet, but it is just too much of a shock when they try to do so. A fresh, green vegetable that might taste like the dirt where it grew can suddenly become delicious with a drizzle of lemon caper sauce. Your palette grows accustomed to the taste of the vegetable, and you’ll be much more likely to crave and enjoy it in the future without the sauce. A meal kit service gives you exposure to many different healthy foods that might have flown off your radar as meal options.

Services like Blue Apron also teach you another valuable skill for long term weight loss success, how to cook meals at home. In a study conducted by John Hopkins University, those who cook at home end up eating at least 140 fewer calories per day than those who eat out or chose pre-made food. Since you probably wouldn’t be using the meal kit service for every single meal you eat, you will now have the practice and experience in the kitchen to make these other meals on your own. You can feel confident even if you step into a grocery store that you will know exactly what to do with that meat, vegetable, or couscous to whip it up into a delicious yet healthy meal.

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When you use websites like for your services, you can also afford to make better food choices when you shop. Strangely enough, it costs more to eat healthy than it does to eat processed food. Once you figure out how to make your money stretch with services like Blue Apron, you’ll be able to budget more money for fresh foods.

This also means of course that ingredient and meal kit services will give you a better grasp on portion control. If you’re not sharing the meal with a spouse or family, set your portion out on a plate and wrap up the leftovers for a tasty lunch before you have a chance to devour all of the food by yourself in a single sitting. This isn’t actually as restrictive as it sounds. You’ll learn to savor your food as you eat, and you’ll notice right away that homemade food will keep you feeling full longer than processed foods do. Be mindful of the meals you order with the service too. Opt for menu selections that consist of mostly protein, veggie, and grains like quinoa or rice for the meal to have the most satiating effect.

While services like Blue Apron are not a diet plan, they can help jumpstart your weight loss if you happen to be a person who lives off of restaurant and processed food. You will develop healthy eating habits that will support your long term success. These services provide a non-intimidating starting point that will have you loving fresh, homemade food.