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Fresh Produce: The Importance of Eating Healthy, Organic and Nutritious Food

With the warmer days of summer right upon us, many of us are pondering rather or not we should head down to our gym and sign up for a membership. In unison with that, we may consider spending hundreds of dollars on brand-new workout gear that will motivate us to complete the tasks we have set forth for ourselves. But if we take a close examination of this thought process? How can we start making delicate changes that will influence our health and wellbeing in the months to come? Although stepping up your workout routine is no laughing matter, your diet heavily dictates how you look in the mirror, feel in your daily activities and act in interpersonal relationships.

The Truth About Eating Clean

To put it bluntly — we have a terrible diet. In fact, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services speculates that upwards of 90% of Americans consume too much Sodium (salt) in their diet. By those estimations, they believe that medical costs could be reduced by 20-billion dollars if individuals would lower their Sodium consumption to 1,200mg or less.

More alarmingly, new data has been presented that shows us the deep influence that obesity and being overweight can cause within personal endeavors. Experts located at Kansas State University have concluded that within the total amount of sick days taken by people within the workforce, 39-million of them are related to issues of being overweight. Statistics such as these demonstrate how our habits can influence our personal lives, but also cause nation-wide issues that need to be addressed.

How We Can Change

Now that the information is laid out on the table in front of us, what can we do? What changes need to be made to regain control of ourselves and our health? The first step, as with any great journey, is to plan and start small. The habitual actions that you’ve developed over the entire duration of your life will not change overnight. Instead, we need to improve our daily actions and grow them into life-changing results. According to professionals in the field of psychology, taking baby steps in your behavior is far more likely to stick in the long term as opposed to taking a radical shift. Moreover, we can reach out to certain businesses that sell fresh produce, like Custom Fresh, so that they may help us in our process. Remember: Taking a leap of faith to change your life is never easy. It takes patience, consistency, faith and help from those around you. Your health, unlike material possessions, are hard to regain once they’ve gone.

In order to completely optimize your life and enjoy all the beautiful moments along the way, eating healthy is paramount and of the utmost importance. The nutrients and restorative properties that these items contain can, quite literally, revolutionize your lifestyle. Start small — gradually shift your diet and mold it into a feast of beneficial choices that nurtures your body.