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An Introduction To A Ketogenic Diet

If you happen to decide to go on a diet, then you may do so as long as you know what type of diet do you want, for instance, if you want to go on a ketogenic diet, then it means that you will be burning fat instead of sugar. Most people around the world who are going on a diet burns sugar instead of fat, making the ketogenic diet different from others. Carbohydrates has been known as the primary fuel source used after digesting carbs. The type of process can definitely make a person gain weight, unlike if you are on a ketones diet which can definitely make you lose weight. The first thing that you need to remember if you are in a ketogenic diet is that, you should only eat 30 to 50 grams of carbohydrates in one day. This article is very beneficial for those who are interested in a ketogenic diet since it will discuss about the food that should be eaten and of course, it will also give tips on how will the specific diet affect your health since your health is the priority among anything else.

The key role of a ketones is that, it makes your body burn fat instead of sugar. Among all the foods, the first one that you should avoid are foods which are sugary. It is really important to reduce the amount of sugar in our diet since the main target in a ketogenic diet is to eliminate fats, not sugar. Due to the different types of foods that we eat, then it is really important to look after the amount of sugar in it. For example, if you eat a white potato, you may think that it is not as heavy in carbohydrates as it is since it leaves a tasteless taste in your mouth and it doesn’t have any sweet taste at all. Because of the heavy carbohydrates that it contains, once you have swallowed it, the carbohydrates can add simple sugar which is known as glucose to your body. The reality inside our body is that, it can only carry a specific amount of glucose, and the excess are just being thrown in the other parts of our body. Ones our body has already reached the limit of glucose that it can carry, then there will be excess which are called fats that can definitely make you gain more weight.

A lot of people do not know that one of the major source of carbohydrates that is usually included in their diet is protein. We should keep in mind that we should moderate the amount of protein that we eat since all the excess proteins in our body are being converted into sugar.

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