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First impressions, when walking into any restaurant, are vital. Before experiencing the excellence of the service and your taste buds are tickled by the tasty fare, the design of a restaurants interior will be the first thing to catch your eye. Diners taste in décor is bound to be different, just like you’d expect with their taste in food. Some will be wanting a contemporary feel. While others, something more traditional. The UK is lucky enough to have some great interior designers. Many of which have been able to showcase their talent in some of London’s most beautifully designed restaurants. Neo-classic, themed, oriental, French-chic and everything in between can be found in London. Here are three favourites.

Berners Tavern – 10 Berners Street W1

Be prepared to have your breath taken away not just by the menu, lovingly prepared by Michelin starred chef Jason Atherton. Your surroundings are also a feast for the eye. Over the years it has received countless awards, as well as getting a mention in popular publications. For example, Marie Claire featured it as one of “34 Seriously cool places to have brunch in London”. Tatler also included it in a list of “The 13 poshest breakfasts in London”. The walls are filled with beautiful paintings. In fact, there’s very little space in between them all. Such fine artwork is complemented by the ornate ceilings and majestic chandeliers.

Beach Blanket Babylon – 45 Ledbury Road W11

Looking for something a little bit quirky? BBB, as it is fondly called by the regulars, is most certainly something different. Located in Notting Hill, you’re going to be expecting a special kind of vibe. The Georgian mansion in which it is set provides a cool, hip environment, whatever time of day it is. Diners are entertained in a variety of different themed rooms, including the crypt, bathroom and chapel. For some, the interior designs will be a little confusing. However, there will be plenty more who find the Rococo, country château and Baroque mixture enthralling.

Sea Containers Restaurant – 20 Upper Ground, SE1

The name of the restaurant gives away its location. The former Sea Containers House in London SE1. It has recently enjoyed a revamp with Tom Dixon at the helm, taking on the theme of transatlantic ocean travel as its theme. The moment you cross the threshold you’ll be transported back in time and easily imagine yourself on-board an ocean liner. You’re guided through into the restaurant by a copper-clad hull. There’s even a Yellow Submarine above the bar to continue the maritime theme.

For the best in restaurant design, Dawnvale can help you create your very own award winning establishment, with a pro-active, integrated approach to each and every project undertaken.

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Those ingredient and recipe meal kit services are all the rage right now, especially for those with demanding schedules that leave little time for grocery shopping and meal planning. While having your freshly prepped food delivered straight to your door with cooking instructions sounds like you will be able to let your brain go on vacation after work, these services have great effects on the rest of your body too. As you savor meals like seared chicken over pearl couscous or a quinoa and spring vegetable salad, you might even find yourself losing weight.

While a service like Blue Apron is not designed to be a mail order diet program, it can be a gateway for retraining the palette to enjoy healthy and nutritious foods. This is especially true for those who eat a great amount of take-out or processed foods. Often, many of these people wish to follow a better diet, but it is just too much of a shock when they try to do so. A fresh, green vegetable that might taste like the dirt where it grew can suddenly become delicious with a drizzle of lemon caper sauce. Your palette grows accustomed to the taste of the vegetable, and you’ll be much more likely to crave and enjoy it in the future without the sauce. A meal kit service gives you exposure to many different healthy foods that might have flown off your radar as meal options.

Services like Blue Apron also teach you another valuable skill for long term weight loss success, how to cook meals at home. In a study conducted by John Hopkins University, those who cook at home end up eating at least 140 fewer calories per day than those who eat out or chose pre-made food. Since you probably wouldn’t be using the meal kit service for every single meal you eat, you will now have the practice and experience in the kitchen to make these other meals on your own. You can feel confident even if you step into a grocery store that you will know exactly what to do with that meat, vegetable, or couscous to whip it up into a delicious yet healthy meal.

When you use websites like for your services, you can also afford to make better food choices when you shop. Strangely enough, it costs more to eat healthy than it does to eat processed food. Once you figure out how to make your money stretch with services like Blue Apron, you’ll be able to budget more money for fresh foods.

This also means of course that ingredient and meal kit services will give you a better grasp on portion control. If you’re not sharing the meal with a spouse or family, set your portion out on a plate and wrap up the leftovers for a tasty lunch before you have a chance to devour all of the food by yourself in a single sitting. This isn’t actually as restrictive as it sounds. You’ll learn to savor your food as you eat, and you’ll notice right away that homemade food will keep you feeling full longer than processed foods do. Be mindful of the meals you order with the service too. Opt for menu selections that consist of mostly protein, veggie, and grains like quinoa or rice for the meal to have the most satiating effect.

While services like Blue Apron are not a diet plan, they can help jumpstart your weight loss if you happen to be a person who lives off of restaurant and processed food. You will develop healthy eating habits that will support your long term success. These services provide a non-intimidating starting point that will have you loving fresh, homemade food.

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With the warmer days of summer right upon us, many of us are pondering rather or not we should head down to our gym and sign up for a membership. In unison with that, we may consider spending hundreds of dollars on brand-new workout gear that will motivate us to complete the tasks we have set forth for ourselves. But if we take a close examination of this thought process? How can we start making delicate changes that will influence our health and wellbeing in the months to come? Although stepping up your workout routine is no laughing matter, your diet heavily dictates how you look in the mirror, feel in your daily activities and act in interpersonal relationships.

The Truth About Eating Clean

To put it bluntly — we have a terrible diet. In fact, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services speculates that upwards of 90% of Americans consume too much Sodium (salt) in their diet. By those estimations, they believe that medical costs could be reduced by 20-billion dollars if individuals would lower their Sodium consumption to 1,200mg or less.

More alarmingly, new data has been presented that shows us the deep influence that obesity and being overweight can cause within personal endeavors. Experts located at Kansas State University have concluded that within the total amount of sick days taken by people within the workforce, 39-million of them are related to issues of being overweight. Statistics such as these demonstrate how our habits can influence our personal lives, but also cause nation-wide issues that need to be addressed.

How We Can Change

Now that the information is laid out on the table in front of us, what can we do? What changes need to be made to regain control of ourselves and our health? The first step, as with any great journey, is to plan and start small. The habitual actions that you’ve developed over the entire duration of your life will not change overnight. Instead, we need to improve our daily actions and grow them into life-changing results. According to professionals in the field of psychology, taking baby steps in your behavior is far more likely to stick in the long term as opposed to taking a radical shift. Moreover, we can reach out to certain businesses that sell fresh produce, like Custom Fresh, so that they may help us in our process. Remember: Taking a leap of faith to change your life is never easy. It takes patience, consistency, faith and help from those around you. Your health, unlike material possessions, are hard to regain once they’ve gone.

In order to completely optimize your life and enjoy all the beautiful moments along the way, eating healthy is paramount and of the utmost importance. The nutrients and restorative properties that these items contain can, quite literally, revolutionize your lifestyle. Start small — gradually shift your diet and mold it into a feast of beneficial choices that nurtures your body.…

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San Francisco, California is home to one of the largest wine competitions in the world. The Chronicle Wine competition, held every February, exhibits the best wines from hundreds of American wineries. With such a huge event based on fine wine, San Francisco has become a city that always offers the best selections in wine and the number of liquor selection stores San Francisco CA makes it easy to find good wine in your area. Pair that with the friendly demeanor of the residents of San Francisco and you get a place that is full of friendly entertainment such as dinner parties that feature the best quality wine that is perfectly matched to the occasion.
With so many different fine wines on the market, it is important to know which wine will be good for a particular event or type of food. It can take years to hone the delicate skill of tasting and sniffing wine, but there are a few other clues that you can use to narrow your selection. Here are a few beginner’s pointers for selecting the right wine for your event.

  1. Pay attention to the label.
    Simply reading the label can give you a wealth of information about a wine. For example, you can use the label to determine if a wine is an “Old World” wine or a “New World” wine. An old-world wine is one that is made in a country that has been making wine for centuries such as France or Italy. A new world wine is one that is made in countries that haven’t been making wine as long such as the United States or Chile. Old world wines will have the region named on the label and new world wines will have the name of the grape that is used to make the wine on the label.
  2. Know the differences between white wine and red wine. 
    By being able to choose between white wine or red wine, this can help to narrow your choices by around 50%. A general rule of thumb is to pair white wines with lighter dishes such as seafood and red wines with heavier dishes such as red meats. While this decision works most of the time, there can be a few exceptions such as a seafood dish smothered in a heavy sauce that may pair better with a red wine.
  3. Don’t be afraid to use Rosé when in doubt.
    Rosé is a unique wine that has a little color, but not enough to qualify it as a red wine. It has a beautiful pink color but is not a mix of white wine and red wine. Rosé is traditionally thought of as a light, refreshing summer wine but can be a great wine for any dinner party or event.

Although it will take practice and patience to develop your senses well enough to select the perfect wine, you don’t have to be a wine connoisseur to choose the best wine for an event. Use the tips above as a basic beginner’s guide to narrow your choices. This will lead to a great wine choice that is sure to make your event a success.

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Let’s start by saying, I don’t like coffee (I usually buy the hot chocolate pods for myself). However, I love frappes. So, yesterday, I was working from home and found a frappe recipe that I really wanted to try to create but stay within my macros for my Keto diet. I absolutely love the Chocolate Chip Frappes from a nationwide fast food chain (they shall go McNameless). However, they no longer carry them and really, they were so high in carbs and calories, it was insane (760 calories, 33g of fat, 123g carbs, and 11g of protein). Wouldn’t you want to take those calories and carbs in daily? I know I wouldn’t, but I was. Not anymore!
I have been eyeing this recipe on Pinterest for some time. I decided I was going to be brave. Keep in mind, I only learned how to use my husband’s Keurig on Saturday and yesterday was Monday. Unfortunately, that recipe was just too bitter for me. Now, I was on a mission. I worked on tweaking it so that it was more Frappe than coffee. I started with my husband’s Keurig K cups in a breakfast blend. My husband likes a double cup made using the K cup. This will make 2 cups worth of coffee (like I said, all I knew how to make). Guess my college-age daughter was going to have to help me down these frappe’s as it ended up making enough for 3 servings. Combine the coffee with 4 ounces of cream cheese, 6 ounces of unsweetened chocolate powder, 4 ounces of heavy whipping cream, 5 teaspoons erythritol, 3 tablespoons of sugar-free chocolate syrup, and about 2-3 drops of liquid stevia. Blend until frothy.

Chocolate Keto Frappe

3 servings

  • 2 cups coffee
  • 4 oz. cream cheese
  • 6 oz. unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 4 oz. heavy whipping cream
  • 5 tsp. erythritol
  • 3 Tblsp sugar-free chocolate syrup
  • 2-3 drops of liquid stevia

This made for a really good frappe. The only thing I would do differently next time is to add some Lilly’s baking chips after blending. Of course, this would be my ultimate chocolate chip frappe. So, how did the macro’s work out you ask? Glad you asked because I hate it when someone gives you a recipe and doesn’t offer the breakdown. This was all calculated in MyFitness Pal and have the following macros: Protein 4.5g

  • Fat 28.9g
  • Net Carbs 6.6g
  • Calories 368

I would want to top this off with some sweetened whipped cream and some chocolate shavings (not counted in the macros above). I wouldn’t say I should have this every day, but as a treat, not too shabby. I hope you enjoy and now look forward to making some good for you, chocolate frappes at home. Some variations would be to add ice, fruit, caramel, cinnamon, mint flavoring, etc. Your options are endless!